Our Platform

A quick overview about the CHANGE platform

Crisis Management

A well-equipped task force team under the SUA office will serve the undergraduate students by relaying accurate crisis information and functioning as a liaison between administration, the Student Union Assembly, the undergraduate student body, and any involved third parties.
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Serving as a student-run online help desk to acknowledge student’s individual issues, this program uses a simple three step system of Navigate, Solve, and Report to answer and respond to problems of any need.
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A methodology to adapt to the new circumstances by splitting tasks into short phases of work, implementing the task, and then promptly improving based on the feedback received - allowing for a quick adaptation of whatever is to come.
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Guarantee Support

Rather than creating new committees to address certain agendas, this platform aims to bolster and provide support to existing clubs, organizations, and committees who have a passion and drive for their respective initiatives, enhancing the campus for every undergraduate student.
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Creating and maintaining a line of communication between the student body and the work of The Office of the President is essential to everyone's success, particularly reaching out to groups not familiar with the platform and proceedings of Student Union Assembly.
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